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ep11 Lost Canada Podcast
(this is very old)
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Zane dropped his bifocals in his car, down between the driver seat and center console. This prompted a half-crazed unearthing of stray chicken nuggets, a cache of Hello Kitty antihistamines, a desiccated land crab, a Molly Hatchet cassette, and this podcast. Might be worth a listen, I don't know.

ep11 Music For Storching
(a little late but claiming partial attendance)
March 2015
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Here it is, friends. Along with the young seedlings sprouting from the cold, packed earth, we emerged from our hibernatoriums after an arduous winter, rubbed our eyes in the sunlight, and sauntered off to the shed to fill our pie-holes with whiskey and 40-year old bubblegum. The tedium and icy frosts did little to dull our badinage, as evidenced in this latest of musical missives, should you care to listen. And oh, the songs we've gathered!
Let them be heard for a thousand winters!

V89-WVFS Tallahassee 19th Year Anniversary Broadcast
July 2013
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The wait is over, dear listeners! After years of research and careful planning, the Sonic Safari team finally delivers their ultimate show, a majestic, gilt-edged tour de force!

After travelling the globe poring through troves of scratchy 45s for the perfect song (sometimes scaling sheer cliffs to reach elusive Himalayan thrift shops), as well as hiring professional writers for their on-air repartee, and frequenting only the finest King's Road boutiques to acquire their rakish disc jockey look, Zane and Jason have emerged with perhaps their most ambitious, nay transcendent work. This mammoth celebration of music, joy and technical artistry is less a "podcast" and more of a "broadcast." Well, actually, it is a broadcast, done over the radio waves from Florida State University's preeminent higher education frequency modulation facility, the stalwart V89.

With a lofty goal to coincide with the almost 20-year anniversary of the inaugural broadcast of Sonic Safari, our enterprising show hosts decided to escape the confines of a meager budget that forced them to quaintly record in a shed, and utilize the full resources of the University to bring their vision to life, including teleportation elevators, 5-star coffee service, thought-controlled audio playback devices, a very friendly robot, and a 118-piece orchestra.

Have a listen, and I'm sure you will agree, the result is nothing short of genius, an auditory spectacle of colossal beauty and timelessness.

ep09 Episode 9 - "Pardon My Kingsnake"
November 2010
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Mike Simpson - Hyena Hippies
Alan Arkin - I Like You
A Child's Garden Of Grass - Listening to Music
Ken Nordine - Lampshades
Jim Henson - The Countryside
Piero Umiliani - Hong Kong Parlor Fight
The Corley Family - Give The World A Smile
Brooklyn Skyways - You're Going To Miss Me
Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper - There's A Big Wheel
Wayne Raney & Family - We Need A Lot More Jesus (And A Lot Less Rock And Roll)
Ralph Lowe - Believe In God Until You Die
The Ukeleles Of Halifax - Music Department Song
La Sinfonica de J.B - Papaya
Ironing Board Sam - Space Streaker
Gil Trythall - Folsom Prison Blues
Ralph Lowe - I Wanna Party On Friday Night
Bonzo Dog Band - I'm Bored
The Street Cleaners - That's Cool, That's Trash
Jimmy Jukebox - Motor Boat
Osmonds - Crazy Horses
Misty - Resurrection Shuffle

episode 8 Episode 8 "Jolifanto Bambla O Falli Bambla"
August 2010
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Milton DeLugg - So What's New?
Neal Burris - The Sissy Song
The Monks - We Do Wie Du
The Gongettes - Gong, Gong - I'm Blue
Juan "El Matematico" - Loco Te Patina El Coco
Sounds of Samaroo - Mr. Sandman
Tunnel Vision - AXXON
Exxon Corp. - Up Came Oil
Blossom Dearie - I'm Hip
The Sparkles - The Hip
Jack Kerouac - Cockroach
Marie Osmond - Karawane
Joe Hall & the Corvettes - Bongo Beatin' Beatnik
Rodd Keith - Hippy Happy Land
The Inclines - The Hippie
Pastor John Rydgren - Hippie Version of the 23rd Psalm
Johnny Buckett - Hippie In A Blunder
Sheb Wooley - The Love-In
The Lucky Charms - Wipe Out
Charlie White Eagle - Get Off My Cloud
Hearty White - Immigrant Song
Duangdao Mondara & Chailai - The Black Super Man

Sonic Safari Episode 7 Episode 7 "Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables, or Blitzkrieg Crop"
June 2010
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The Pussycats - Come On And Ska
The Angels - Jamaica Joe
Annette - Jamaica Ska
Lloyd Thaxton with Billy Strange - The Tennessee Ska
Bobbie Gentry - Bugs
Rudy Rosa - Spiders And Snakes
Malinda Jackson Parker - Cousin Mosquito #1
Chuck Stephens - Pray For Rosemary's Baby
Half Japanese - Karen
Patience And Prudence - The Money Tree
Jerry McCain - Welfare Cadillac Blues
Hungry Chuck - Hats Off America!
Janet Greene - Commie Lies
Larry Verne - Abdul's Party
Benny Martin - Border Baby
Merv Griffin - Have A Nice Trip
Frank and Nancy Sinatra - Life's A Trippy Thing
Klaus Wunderlich - Paloma Blanca/Fox On The Run
The Ray Bloch Singers - Everyday People
Werner Muller - Get Up I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine

episode06 Episode 6 "Put Some Clothes On The Stripper So I Can Eat"
January 2010

Joe E. Ross - Ooh Ooh
Cliff Buckosh - Confusion Corner
Mr. Freddy Jacks - Tijuana Grass
Will Barnes - Marijuana Polka
The Robert DeCormier Singers - Dang Me
Phil McLean - Chicken
The Rumblers - Bugged
The Webs - Lost (Cricket In My Ear)
Masked Man & The Agents - Roaches
The Court Jesters - Roaches
Gene And Wendell with The Sweethearts - The Roach
Raymond McCollister - Chili Dippin' Baby
Luie Luie - Tortilla Touchy
Tommy Hancock - Tacos For Two
Hank Locklin - Hot Pepper Doll
Archie Pier & The Rhythm Aires - Tamales And Rock And Roll
The Mike Sammes Singers - Pick Yourself Up
Shooby Taylor - Stout-Hearted Man
Peter Knight Singers - Good Vibrations
Whispering Pigg - Darlene
Victor Lundberg - An Open Letter To My Teenage Son

episode 5 Episode 5 "I've Just CG'd A Face"
October 2009

Alan Copeland - Mission Impossible Theme/Norwegian Wood
Sodsai Chaengkij - Lady Madonna
Dick Hyman - Blackbird
Klaus Beyer - The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill
Xaviera Hollander - Michelle
The Charles River Valley Boys - Yellow Submarine
Pee Wee King & His Band - You Can't Hardly Get Them No More
Johnnie Lee Wills And His Boys - The Thingamajig
Bobby Rutledge - Go Slow Fatso
Horace Heller - Hello World
Mel Henke - Woman In Space
The Bedwells - Karate
The Torkays - Karate
The Emperors - Karate
Ray Sanders & Friend - Karate
Dennis Coffey - Black Belt Jones
Claude McLin - Jambo
Van Morrison - Here Comes Dumb George
The Del Rubio Triplets - Whip It
Chris Palestis (Wizzo) - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?
Linda McCartney - Hey Jude (excerpt)
Gary Schneider - Green Tambourine
Beatallica - A Garage Dayz Nite

episode 4 Episode 4 "Smiles Everyone"
August 2009

Rod Rogers & The Swinging Strings (Rodd Keith) - Elmer-21-Century Hop
Katsuko Kanai - Mini Mini Girl (1967)
Panatda - Let's Go!
Carlos Rubio - Anae Atoa (1964)
Danny Elfman - Bim Bam Boom (1982)
Bruce Culver - Square Record (1958)
Homer Lee Sewell - The Ring Around The Bathtub
Mohawk & The Rednecks - Enchanted Forest
Wendell Austin - LSD
Patience & Prudence - Gonna Get Along Without You Now (1956)
The Phi Mu Washboard Band - Love Hurts (1961)
Ruby Wright - Billy Broke My Heart At Walgreens (1965) with Pete Drake and his Talking Guitar
Jean Shepard - Sad Singing And Slow Ridin' (1956)
Bonzo Dog Band - I'm The Urban Spaceman (1968)
Ricky Wilde - I Am An Astronaut (1972)
Langley Schools Project- Space Oddity (1976)
The Swingle Singers - Star Wars (1998)
Herve Villechaize - Why
episode03 Episode 3 "This Monkee's Gone To Heaven"
July 2009

Mark Bradford - Hey Hey We're The Christians (1996)
Luie Luie - El Touchy (1974)
T├^cnicas De Concentraci├>n Y Relajaci├>n Yoga - Calcul├On-Don Din Don
Harmonica Frank Floyd - Swamp Root (1951)
The Fendermen - Mule Skinner Blues (1960)
Anand Prayag & Chorus - Pretty Pretty Priya (from "Priya", 1970)
Dino & I Kings - I Should Have Known Better (Circa di Capire) (1964)
The Olympics - Talkin' Trash (1961)
Serge Gainsbourg - En Melody (from Histoire de Melody Nelson) (1971)
The Electric Junkyard - Smoke Comin' Out Of Your Ears (1969)
Kay Weaver - Junkies And Monkeys
Annette & The Beach Boys - The Monkey's Uncle (1965)
The Sharades - Dumb Head (1964)
The Belles - Melvin (1966)
Dating Tip from Mary Weiss
Hollywood Jills - He Makes Me So Mad (1968)
The Teen Queens with Neely Plumb Orch. - You Good Boy, You Get Cookie (1958)
The Tren-Teens - Your Ya Ya Is Gone (1962)
The Orbits - Knock Her Down (1958)
The Rockets - Caveman Love
Don Carson & The Casuals - Yes Master! (1958)
Gene Marshall - Shut Up And Quit Talking
The Normal Majority - In The Kitchen (1981)
Bill Lee - If Jesus Came To Your House

episode 2 Episode 2 "The Coconut Is The Largest Seed"
May 2009

Paul Nero - This Is Soul (1968)
Zane - This Is Sonic Safari
Gary Schneider - Be Optimistic (1969)
Wild Man Fischer - Monkeys Vs. Donkeys (1968)
Sidney Jo Lewis - Boppin' To Grandfather's Clock (1958)
Lee Scratch Perry - Fever Grass Dub (1973)
King Horror - Loch Ness Monster (1970)
Eloise Trio - Coconut Woman (1960)
Eddie Noack - Psycho (1968)
The Hi-Fi Guys - Rock 'n' Roll Killed My Mother
Hasil Adkins - No More Hot Dogs
The Phantom - Love Me (1960)
The Runabouts - The Strangeness In Me (1961)
The Social Outcasts - Mad
John Evans & The Big Band (Chaino) - Eso Es El Amor
Mike Simpson - Leopard's Leap (1966)
Pasquale & The Lunar-tiks - Moon Madness
Rex Kona & His Mandarins - Bird Train (1964)
Tammy - Perro Que Ladra (No Muerde)
Mickey Lee Lane - The Zoo
Buddy Bow - Twistin' In The Jungle (1965)
Tito Mambo & The Men of Chantz - Jungle Farm
Peter Donner - God Bless America

episode 1 Episode 1 "Sailfish And Attitude"
April 2009

You, Josh And Me - Welcome To Stuart
Troy Hess - Please Don't Go Topless, Mother
Buddy Knox & The Rhythm Orchids- I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself (1959)
Wayne, Pat & Keith - I'm Tired Of You Satan
Princess Ramona - Then I Start To Yodel
Robin & Crystal Bernard - The Monkey Song (1972)
Count Yates - Chimpanzee (1961)
Bunker Hill - The Girl Can't Dance
Gene "Bowlegs" Miller - Frankenstein Walk (1969)
Danny Ware - Zombie Stomp (1964)
Isaac Clark - Do The Dog Funk
Marsha Gee - Peanut Duck
Ed Sanders - Yodeling Robot (1973)
Connie Francis - Robot Man (1960)
Uge - Mad Charles (1974)
Bent Bolt & The Nuts - Mechanical Man (1966)
Milton Delugg - Rise Robots Rise (from "Gulliver's Travels Beyond the Moon" 1967)
The Musical Linn Twins - Indian Rock
The Cherokees - Uprising
Rick Kay & His Shades Of Today - Red Man, White Man
Keith Gordon - A Teenager's Answer (1967)